Wednesday, January 23, 2008

heavy thoughts

Heavy thoughts today. I attend the funeral of a 52 year old woman. A woman I was once very close with. Someone I greatly loved at one point, however I hadn't spoken to her in 3 years because of strife and differences. Now I had to say goodbye at a funeral and say my apologies for my part in our differences in my prayers. Very hard. It was very unexpected death and she will be missed. I watched her parents who are both in their 80's and my heart broke. It was a hard day, I am glad I went to honor her memory and didn't let past differences keep me from doing that, for if I had I believe I would have had even more regrets.


Jody said...

I am so sorry for the lost of your friend. I am glad you went too. It will bring you a little closer in it. My prayers are for you and her family.

dakotablueeyes said...

hope things between the families went well too

stacey said...

i know you feel very sad right now. i am so sorry. will be thinking of you.