Monday, January 21, 2008

A little slower weekend

I so needed some slow down time.

I didn't realize how bad.

I have been running crazy the last two weeks, and then my mind has been going faster than that worrying about things that I just can't control.

Friday Matt was off half a day as we were suppose to go to an ice skating field trip with homeschool, but the zamboni broke. However it turned out to be a good thing. We took the kids over to my parents house not long after lunch. Then Matt and I headed to town we did some looking around and pricing on somethings, went out for dinner, then to the movies. So nice.

Saturday Britt played basketball. She did so good. Several girls have quit on their team so they only have 8 now and Britt did not get to sit at all during the game or the two minute overtime. They lost in overtime but it was a great game. After that dragged the children to the mall. I needed Britt to try on some dress shoes.

Matt put a vacation ticker on the side for me. But of course that may drive me crazy because I have so much to do before then. We are going on a disney cruise. It is all paid for so thankfully we do not have to worry about that, but we do have to worry about getting clothes, etc together. Which will be my thing which I will obsess over...because we all know I need something else to obsess over..LOL.

Anyway got off subject, after the games and mall on Saturday we just came home and did nothing. Brittney and Matt watched Narnia in the living room while Braden and I watched Backyardigans in the bedroom.

Sunday was church, then Matt took Britt to basketball. I did work on two weeks worth of lesson plans this weekend but all other things that needed planning were put on the back burner and it was so nice.

The school in our town is out today usually I wouldnt give the kids the day off but the last few weeks have been so crazy and out of schedule and Brae who does not do change well has had a super hard time. I decided today would be some mom and kid fun. Going to run some required errands and two short appointments for Brae but other than that play time at chucke cheese and lunch out with my kids.

Tommorow I will resume all out craziness again with work for the attorneys, planning some stuff for homeschool group, and just life in general but I will enjoy the slower weekend and the day with my kids!


stacey said...

what a fun trip! i heard it is great! just think of the prepwork as a chance to make new lists!! before my computer crashed a couple of years ago, i had so many lists on it, including packing! gotta redo those! glad you got some rest!

Jody said...

Sounds like it will be a great trip! Glad you got some rest too. I gave the boy's a day off school today too. I wasn't going to but the boy's have been really doing great with their schooling so I thought I would give them a break. Tomorrow it's back to it LOL. Have a great day!!