Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up *updated

Not a bad weekend, started out a little stressful with an "in-law" thing. (That is the nicest way to put it).

Saturday morning found Britt receiving her first sewing lesson. It took place at our house. Boy oh boy did she learn a lot, for that matter so did I, and I didn't even stay in there the whole time. She made a cover for her American Girl doll bed, it matches her room, she sewed some sachets as well. She is currently working on pajama pants for her brother and will be learning to use interfacing and more complicated patterns in upcoming weeks. So far she is showing a lot of interest. I hope she sticks with it, I am sure she will surpass me in no time since sewing is definitely not my strong suit.

Britt also had a ball game on Saturday. They got beat so badly. Poor girls only 6 players showed up so there were basically no breaks. The other team had 10 so they would put in 5 girls for one quarter, then set all 5 out and send in 5 fresh ones. They did good but it was a tough team. Britt is still liking it even though it is definitely tough.

Saturday also had us running errands, and replacing the TV in the living room. Found what we wanted at a very good price and of course it was out of stock, so we had to call around and run around but good news is we found it and everyone likes it. The old TV if you went to hit volume the channel would change, we have been needing a new one for awhile. Very thankful we were able to get one. After all the errand running we basically just played games and hung out the rest of the evening.

Sunday was church, basketball practice and lots of planning of upcoming events as well as just the upcoming week. Me and my can't say no personality is now the director of our home school co-op. Which is the 6-8 weeks that we get together every Thursday for different subjects taught by parents, etc. It is a lot of fun and I am really excited about it but also stressing just a touch. Add into that other things that are going on and I am stressing a little more than a touch, but I know it will all turn out fine.

* update
Here is a pic of Brae wearing his brand new sleep pants that his sister made him almost completely by herself...I helped with the back of the waistband and that is the only part that looks bad..ugh...I am so not a seamstress