Thursday, January 24, 2008

At least I know it would work

I have to say that on a day to day basis we really don't have any big misbehaviors at our house. Not to say we don't have them just not a lot, and the kids tend to get along really well. So we really don't have a major day to day discipline system in place. Mostly we deal with things as they occur and do the consequences to match. Creative works well for us such as at one point Braden hated Little House on the Prairie (actually he still does) so if he had not listened, etc that day I would replace his bedtime movie with that, worked like a charm. I only had to use it twice I think. But we don't really have a day to day system in place because it really isn't needed at this point. However, last night I was watching Super Nanny when Brae came in the back bedroom after church.

I decided to joke with Brae. Because everyone who knows Brae knows he is a video game addict, if he does do something that needs correction I can take away his games for the rest of the day and have perfect behavior for weeks. Anyway she had a great idea of having note cards that said 60, 55, 50 and so on. You start the day with 60 minute video privileges and it goes down in 5 minute increments every time it is needed because of behavior. Well I told this to Braden.

He said "I don't think that is a good idea at all". He then grins comes to give me a hug, and as he is hugging me he takes the remote, then still smiling goes and shuts my TV cabinet, and says "I don't think that is a good show for you to be watching it's not appropriate". It was funny, he definitely did not like that idea and the way he told me it was not appropriate was super cute. At least I know if I need to implement some kind of daily system that one looks like it would work great.


Jody said...

LOL I watched that yesterday too!! Too cute on how inappropriate it is for you too watch LOL.

Lori said...

Great idea! For my son I could get the same results by applying it to computer time!

stacey said...

oh my, how funny! i was just thinking about reading those to anysa soon! he probably wouldn't appreciate that either!

Rising Rainbow said...

LOL that is defintely the way to know if it'll work or not, the kid's reaction.