Friday, January 11, 2008

Checking in

3am and wide least it is nice and quiet and I can get a few things done.

Update on using the Deceptively Delicious cookbook, we have tried several more recipes. So far we have not found one we didn't like. Our only snarled noses from the kids was that first time with the cauliflower in the eggs, but after reducing the amount down a little and adding a small amount of cheese they are a hit now. The most skeptical thing for me was the brownies using spinach in them. It did say to let them cool so you didn't taste the spinach so I was careful to do that. They were SO good, moist not a hint that they were high in fiber or had anything good for you in them. Yum. So we will definetly be using this cookbook for a long while.

Things here have been busier than usual with me helping out an attorney in town as he lost his regualar secretary and needed someone to train a new one. So I have been doing that which the extra money is nice, the extra headache not so much.

Tonight I have a hot date....with 2 kids...they have not gotten their normal mommy time this week and neither are too happy about. I am not too happy with it either. We are going to be playing wii carnival games, and some board games. I am picking up dinner in town. They told hubby he wasn't invited but I talked them into letting him be there for our "date" Looking forward to a relaxing weekend as this will be a busy weekend to end a busy week. Have a homeschool officers meeting tommorow afternoon and have my good friend's babyshower that I am hosting on Sunday.

Oh and if I am soon posting on busted noses and broken things in the house it is because both kids are now in tae kwon do. Oh boy don't know how that is going to go, but they loved the first class where they got to go and check it out and it will be great excercise especially for Braden who needed something fun and athletic. But I am just invisioning the impromptu sparing matches..yikes.


stacey said...

tkd will be a great "sport" for the kids! always one of my top suggestions!

Jody said...

TKD is a good port. Teaches them discipline. Have fun on your date with the kids and hubby LOL.

dakotablueeyes said...

anything broken that shouldn't be