Saturday, January 19, 2008

Date night

Hubby and I had a great evening out. It was so needed.

We went to see 27 Dresses, I really liked it. Very cute. Yes the storyline is pretty typical but done in such a way that really makes a cute movie. I was so impressed with Katherine Heigl was wonderful in it. I watch her on Grey's Anatomy, Knocked up was not my type of movie so I didn't know how she would be in this. I loved her. The cast was greatly picked. Hubby even really enjoyed it.

It was just so nice to get out. Now Saturday morning waiting on parents to bring the kids back, then basketball and a few errands to run.


dakotablueeyes said...

woohoo datenight. I think hubs and I need that too

Jody said...

glad you had a good date night! I don't remember that last time hubby and I had one LOL.