Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I hated science in school. Now teaching it to the kids I am loving it. We have been studying about Venus. Today we used a form of radar. I took two shoe boxes and used newspapers etc inside of them to make hills, valleys and poured plaster of paris over it. Did this a few days ago so it could harden for today. Then we covered the top with a towel and made a grid. The kids then used a stick with different colors on it poking it through the towel. They were able to tell the formation of the planet, where the hills and valleys were without ever looking at the actual surface. It was fun.


Brighton said...

My parents always did my science projects, bad- I know. Needless to say, by biology I had informed the teacher that I was allergic to formaldihyde. Thank goodness I got a degree in English and wasn't allergic to paper...

BarnGoddess said...

wow! good lesson!

I always loved science, if I were ever to be a teacher, science or biology would be my calling.

Your kids look like they enjoyed the lesson too!~