Monday, September 03, 2007

Putting the labor in labor day weekend

Whew...shhh...don't tell hubby I am sitting down. Ugh we have been working I think about non stop since Saturday morning.

Saturday my parents and brother brought over a steam pressure washer. We started on our privacy fence. Right away could tell what a difference it was going to make, but time consuming to wash it then let it dry then apply the protectant on the wood. That took Saturday and into Sunday. Also on those days mowed, weedeated, cleaned the garage, priced yard sale stuff for next weekend, as well as other odds and ends thing. The fence looks I think better than the day we put it up 6 years ago...I mean wow looks like a new fence definetly worth the work. Our garage floor had paint on it in several places, now all nice and clean.

The kids got lots and lots of pool time, and a little sunburn on their noses while the adults worked.

Today my brother is coming over to bust up a part of the patio that we are going to repour and enlarge. Also lots of inside cleaning, and ugh..almost done. Deep cleaned my bathroom, the bedrooms, kids bathroom. Hubby ran some yard sale stuff over to where we are having the yard sale next weekend, and then some food up for a funeral of a beloved school teacher that passed away. Then he will be home and we will finish cleaning in the kitchen.

It was definetly a labor filled labor day weekend.


BarnGoddess said...

Im glad we werent the only ones doing LABOR on labor day!

well worth it indeed, I could not agree more :)