Sunday, September 30, 2007

Game Plan

Movies are so hard, rarely is there a good one we all enjoy. Sure the kids love cartoon movies and why I too enjoy some of them many of the cartoons find me wishing I was somewhere else. Non cartoon movies are often too old for the kids, don't keep them interested or are laced with cursing that is not needed.

Today our family date was so great. We all 4 enjoyed the movie "Game Plan" immensly. It was well written with a plot line that you think you have all figured out only to be thrown for a little loop. It is a great story, funny parts that kept even Brae entertained. I really liked it we have all decided it is one we will buy when it comes out on dvd.


BarnGoddess said...

Is that the movie w/ The Rock in it?

I dislike wrestling but I LOVE the Rock and his movies :)

kel said...

Yes it has the Rock in it.

Jody said...

Cool. Might have to look into it when it comes out for us to watch LOL.