Thursday, September 27, 2007

Refreshed, strengethend

A few weeks ago I entered a contest at Shannon's Blog it was for tickets to a Christian concert by a group called "Monk & Neagle". I had never heard of them, but I saw that "Mercy Me" was also going to be there, and I love them. So hubby and I made childcare plans and were set to go.

Tonight was the concert. Man oh man, I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed it. First off we got there and I got worried, I had been told to go to the will call. I went and they said they didn't have any tickets for me...oh no...hubby started calling the cell number he had, but by the time he had started dialing the woman found an envelope. She said oh honey you didn't just get tickets you get to go back stage to. Oh wow. So we got to go to the meet and greet before the show and take pictures and talk to all the bands that were playing which were "Monk and Neagle", "Shane and Shane" and "Mercy Me". All three bands were wonderfully nice and when you met them they spoke straight to you, and you felt like you had their undivided attention.

Then the concert started...we had great seats...Monk and Neagle first, wow they were great. I really liked them. Next Shane and Shane I liked them but have to admit I liked Monk and Neagle best of those two. Then Mercy I so needed to hear their songs, the testimony, the words. I felt like the lead singer was speaking straight to me, when he started talking about his two year old son being ill, and about God's glory I had tears I felt so much of what I had been feeling being expressed on the stage. They have a new cd coming out in November and we will definetly be getting it. They sang three songs from it tonight. I just feel so refreshed like okay bring it on I am filled up again feeling strengthened.

Here are some pics:


stacey said...

oh i am so glad you went! i bet it was great! did you win them and i missed the news?

kel said...

I won them a few weeks ago and I guess I didn't mention it...which is so unlike me..LOL