Sunday, September 16, 2007

Future Criminal?

Hubby did me a great favor this Sunday and decided to help at the law office I work for by reformatting computers, etc. We all decided to go. I had work that I could do and wanted to do some organizing and filing for the attorney and regular secretary who has been sick, I gave both kids jobs as well.

Of course as can happen with computers things didn't go exactly as planned and we got tied up longer than expected. Brae got done with his and he noticed the floor safe. Talk about keeping him entertained over an hour trying to "crack the safe". The attorney that I work for thought it was funny. I told hubby I am going to buy him a safe for Christmas just to lock it and he can try to crack it. He had his ear on it listening for clicks, etc. He was definitely fascinated. Hubby said he was going to buy him a padlock to try to open, I don't know if we should encourage this hobby...LOL.


stacey said...

i love it! doesn't hurt to sharpen your future skills early!

BarnGoddess said...

hey-one never knows! The govt' might just hire him at a high dollar salary and all he'll have to do is crack safes....not a bad way to earn a living :)