Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Fun

Hubby was off work today. The kids had tennis this morning I took them and hubby stayed home. He cleaned house (YEAH!) it was wonderful when I got home he had even lit one of my candles.

We ate lunch and decided to go out and spend the day together. We debated if we wanted to head out of town or not. Finally decided to just stay in town went to a few stores that we don't normally get to just go and take our time looking around at. The kids got a few things, and Brittney got a new outfit which made her day of course. Dinner at Olive Garden where I blew all thoughts of watching what I am eating, etc...ugh. But oh well it was very good.

I am looking very forward to tommorow as hubby is taking the kids to the nature center...yep just him and the kids....which all alone...with the new books I picked up at Books A Million today.

Plans for the weekend are pretty laid back. I am going to look at some of the cookbooks I have gathered for freezer cooking. Cook one day for a month of meals...we shall see how it goes.


stacey said...

seriously, your husband knows how to clean AND take the kids out of the house indepedently! i am either in shock or a jealous rage :)

kel said...

LOL...yes I had to laugh because he pulled me into the kids bathroom after I got home and said look I even steam cleaned the counters...LOL...I think I will keep him.