Saturday, July 02, 2005


First time I have been tagged...(thanks goes)

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5. Miss Zoot

What five things do you miss about your childhood?
1. I miss the nonworrying. If I wanted a shirt mom bought me a shirt no big deal. Not the case anymore, I have to calculate okay if I spend that then this or that.
2. I miss playing with abandon.
3. I miss the blanket feeling of safety never even thinking something might happen.
4. I miss my grandparents.
5. I miss the childhood friends that I lost touch with.

What five things don't you miss about your childhood?
1. The structured routine of school
2. The hurt feelings I was soft hearted still am but at least I can hide it now back then if you hurt my feelings you knew it because I couldnt keep my eyes from being teary).
3. The constant need I felt to fit in, now I am who I like to be more than who I want everyone to like (I still like everyone to like me though which makes me say yes to things when I should say no but it is better now...believe or it not I was an even bigger push over as a kid).
4. Having my mom fix my hair....oh I hated that.
5. Having to move whenever dad had to go (He was in the army) and we lived on base so if we werent moving then our neighbors did it seemed.