Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fancy Schmancy

Tonight we had the opportunity to eat at a very nice resteraunt here in Pennsylvania. Matt gets gift card rewards with his coorperate credit card one of the cards was for a resteraunt that normally we would not just go to.

Matt had wanted to go Saturday night but we had been out and about all day and were hot and sweaty and when I saw the vallet parking sign (it was optional but it was still there) I was like no way not in my jean shorts and tshirt. He has been there twice before on business and said it would be fine but I was like no way. Tonight we were all in our decent clothes and hadn't been out in the hot and sunny weather so off we went.

The food was wonderful BEYOND wonderful.

A wonderful change from the normal places that we go.

An excellent place for the kids to use their nice table manners and try new foods.

There was tons of leftovers that they nicely boxed up for us.

The waiter eventually warmed up but at first it was like okay is this guy going to act like a snot who is better than everyone who would dare dine at the resteraunt.

The majority of the italian dishes were a mystery to me, as I had no clue what they would be.

Braden got antsy with no crayons or kids menus to entertain, but he didn't get to antsy till the end. Toward the end he was half laying down half not.

Of course it wasnt so fancy considering that when I crossed my legs under the table my knee encountered old bubble gum stuck under the table....ewww....good thing I had on capri pants and not shorts I used one of my portable shout wipes and got it off.

But all in all a nice experience and a definte step up from McDonalds!!


dakotablueeyes said...

Awesome lol we save those kind of restaurants for our anniversary dinners lol. Hey read my blog cause you have been tagged. lol :)