Saturday, December 08, 2007

Shopping, ballet, parades...oh my

Busy month.

We are almost finished with Christmas shopping! I am actually hoping to finish the last of it today. Matt was off work yesterday and we threw out a December yard sale. I had never done that before but we had lots of Christmas decorations that we no longer needed, etc so we did. It went well and gave us a little extra shopping money. After the yard sale we went shopping, and out to dinner, poor kids were both about to drop. We had planned to go look at Chirstmas lights but that will have to wait till another night.

We also got our outside decorations finished up. Matt had put the lights up awhile back but our inflatable snowman didn't work this year so we replaced it with a snowglobe which looks cute.

Had a fun Wednesday getting together with friends. Stephanie did so good on getting fun stuff for gingerbread houses. Brae had to give his to his speech therapist because he said she didn't have one in her office.

Today Britt and I attended the Nutcracker Ballet this is the 3rd year we have went together and we just love it. Britt has already said she wants to go again next year.

Unfortunately because of the time of the Ballet we had to miss Braden walking in the parade with his scout troop.

A few pics from this week...

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BarnGoddess said...

great photos!

wow-you had a BUSY saturday!

I hope y'all have electric, we do..for once ours has not gone out.

This ice storm needs to be OVER now...

it's bad here up North

Jody said...

Looks like it was a good time!