Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yard Sale Bargains

I didn't really want to go to yard sales this morning with my mom. It was city wide yardsales. So even with my pounding headache that is still not gone away I was up at out at 6:30.

I did get a closet shelf organizer still in the package unopened for $3.00
For my nephews 2 footed pajamas, 4 pairs of Gap jeans, 2 long sleeve Tshirts $3.00
Brittney 2 pairs of jeans and one was Limited Too which earned me lots of brownie points, 2 shirts $4.00
Brittney 2 pairs of skechers shoes (this was the best deal of the day) that look brand new I paid $2.00 for both pair.
Braden a power Ranger movie that he didnt have $1.00
Me a Christmas TeaPot .75
Amelia Bedelia book and tape $1.00
Science Experiment book .10

So I got a few things and I didn't spend much but I much more enjoyed coming home while my dad still had the kids and taking a nap!


BarnGoddess said...

Great buys!

I hit a few garage sales this morning too (something I hardly ever do!)

I bought a $2.00 ceramic rooster cookie jar that almost matches an antique one I already have that was a heirloom and I bought a refinished oak chair to sit by the front door.

I hope your headache goes away completely, those suck.

dakotablueeyes said...

great deals. We went to a garage sale yesterday and I found Bruce three shirts for a buck apiece.