Tuesday, September 12, 2006

8 Things about me

I couldnt come up with anything to write so I stole this from BarnGoddess

8 things/habits/facts about me.

1. I grew up a military brat, living in Germany then Fort Riley Kansas, and other places until my dad retired to Oklahoma right before I turned 15.
2. I have a VERY good memory, I can recall conversations word for word, books I have read years before, people's names that I have seen just a few times and then see again years later. (This habit is not my hubby's favorite as I tend to use it against him..LOL)
3. I read VERY fast I read a book in about an hour and half depending on the thickness.
4. I keep a journal where I write letters to my kids.
5. I am very picky about how things are done, I like order and I like things organized (Hubby is probably dying to comment on this one...LOL)
6. I pay money to get rid of my curly hair every few months. Some people pay for perms not me....I hate my curly hair...I love it when I get it straightened.
7. I start Christmas shopping in March for the following year.
8. I tend to agree to things so I dont hurt someones feelings. (Which is why I usually end up way over extending myself).


dakotablueeyes said...

lol I knew it all but number 4 didn't know that

byHisgrace said...

Okay Kelli...I do not know you at all and I've known you for a few years now,lol! I don't think I knew any except the last one!