Monday, September 04, 2006

Not going to do that again

On our way back from Tulsa I wasn't feeling too well. I had taken some excedrin but I was feeling like maybe I had a fever I didn't have any tylenol, but I thought I had some Jr. Tylenol for the kids in my little carry case. I popped them in my mouth and the moment I popped them in I thought wait when I was getting them out of the counter I couldnt find the Jr. Tylenol so I grabbed Motrin just in case the kids needed some.

I am VERY allergic to Ibuprofen. I immediately spit them out. Hubby is looking at me odd and I was like I dont think those are Tylenol. I looked in the case and sure enough it said MO 60...oops. I told hubby no big deal they just barely touched my tounge.

3 minutes later my tounge was filling up my mouth it was swelling, and I could barely talk. Luckily my throat wasnt closing up. We were miles and miles away from a hospital. I immediately started popping Benedryl. Luckily the Benedryl was enough to sit off the reaction. It was nuts for about 20 minutes. Hubby said I scared him. I scared myself.

Last time I had Ibuprofen I spent 3 days in the hospital. Luckily I thought about it before I actually swallowed them. I told hubby no more carrying Motrin even for the kiddos.

Other than that we had a good time in Tulsa. Just that little snag on the way home. I am feeling much better now once the Benedryl made the swelling go down and the hazziness went away from the Benedryl.

If hubby ever wants to off me I guess he can just slip me some Motrin or Advil....I better not five him any ideas...LOL...of course his policy on my isn't as good as mine on him so that should keep me safe...HAHAHAHAHA.


BarnGoddess said...

omg! how scary!!! Im glad your okay, you shouldnt have ibup anywhere near you. I bet your poor hubs was scared, poor guy.

Im glad your trip went well, Tulsa is a nice city as far as cities go :)

kel said...

If it wasnt for needing Motrin for Braden in emergencies we wouldnt have it around. I just have to be more careful.
We have thought about moving closer to Tulsa, but I dont know about being that close. We like most of the aspects of our small town and we are so close to Fort Smith.

dakotablueeyes said...

wow scary good thing the thought came to your mind.

byHisgrace said...

oh, scary!!! I'm so glad that you caught it in time.