Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering 911

September 11, 2001 will always be one of those days people remember where they were.

Myself I was doing a freelance legal job in a town about an hour away. I took the kids to a babysitter for the day and headed to work. It was my last day on this job and so I had certain things I had to do, I remember going over the list in my head. I didn't want to listen to the radio so I was listening to a romance book on cd.

I walked into the office and everyone from the law office was in another office for a finance company. Leslie told me that they were having prayer. I didn't know what was going on. At that time the first plane had hit. We had prayer, thinking it was a terrible accident. The day just got worse. I remember calling hubby and my mom had already called him. I also remember being so thankful that he had flown in from corporate office 2 weeks prior and was not away from us right now.

All day long rumors were around town, people were gathering food, gas, no one really knew what was going to happen. Everyone knew that life was forever changed.

I somehow finished what work I needed to do and headed home. The radio on the entire drive the book on cd that I had listened to on the way there was since forgotten. I came home and glued myself to the television while hubby went and got the kids.

Brittney was not quite 4 and she didn't understand but I remember telling her some bad people hurt a lot of people. She prayed with me on the couch.

Hubby and I kept all the Time magazines and newspaper clippings and put them in a tote in the attic so that in another 5 or 10 years when the kids are doing school reports they would have them.

I have read the book "Let's Roll" by Todd Beamers widow and it will bring tears to your eyes and peace to your heart.

Tommorow during homeschool the kids and I will read a story I found appropriate for their ages regarding 9/11 and talk about this world changing date and most of all we will pray for all those touched by the disaster.


dakotablueeyes said...

I remember what I was doing too I just got up and Bruce was getting ready to go golfing and I was listening to the police scanner, heard someone say to turn on the tv. So out of curiosity I did it too Just in time to see the second plane hit.I called bruce in to see it. We just sat there with our mouths open in shock

BarnGoddess said...

it is our generation's 'John Kennedy'

never forget the 2996