Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend Fun

Friday afternoon the kids and I headed to Tulsa to visit my aunt. The hospital she works for rented out an amusement park for their company picnic on Saturday. She also lives right on the river so the morning started with a short walk around the river bank. Then to Target before going to Bealls for the picnic.

We had a blast free drinks and food (including lots of cotton candy!).
Braden is my thrill rider (we knew this from Disney). He loves rides. Him and I rode the roller coaster, Brittney is not such a thrill rider her and my aunt opted out of the roller coaster. We got home a little while ago shortly followed by hubby getting home from work and now we are just being bums.


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BarnGoddess said...

Bells is always FUN! Tulsa is a great city, I especially like the River too. A well kept secret :)

glad you guys had FUN!

great pics :)

byHisgrace said...

looks like lots of fun! None of my kids are thrill riders...well I think maybe Sarah may be but she's still too short right now,lol