Friday, August 11, 2006

Revamping the system and a free night

It is the end of our first week of homeschool. Kids are not doing school today because I need to revamp. I can already tell somethings that are working and some aspeccts that are not going to work. So I will redo lesson plans, do some supplementing and things like that today.

My parents want the kids tonight. They called saying they hadn't seen their babies all week. So of course I packed the fastest bag in history and had the kids on the curb by the end of the phone call.

So now hubby and I have a free evening. Hubby is on call so we cant go far from his computer. Still will be nice. I think I will get dinner and bring home this evening and if it is not scorching hot (yesterday 107 without heat index) we may eat then enjoy the backyard and the pool.


BarnGoddess said...

lucky girl! enjoy your evening w/ hubby :)