Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is it bad?

It is bad that with homeschooling the 3rd grade I am having to double check myself with the teacher's manual?....oh boy...I am going to learn a lot as the years go by.

Here is a sample of some of Britt's thrid grade spelling words through abeka. She has 28 words a week and 3 vocabulary.

I am really enjoying the homeschool, both kids are too, I can really see how much they are learning and retaining. It is harder than what Britt is used to. Braden not so much yet since I retained him, but I know it will get harder. I keep seeing little things that show this was the right path for us.

I figure if they can do good using this abeka curriculium they should be doing good. Now I better spell check this post because I am not as advanced yet...LOL


BarnGoddess said...

those are 3rd grade words? wow! I cant remember my 12 yo's 3rd grade words but Im not sure they were that hard..

kel said...

I dont remember mine being that hard either, we had heard abeka was a hard curriculium and i believe it.

dakotablueeyes said...

lol there ya go learn with the kids. Now do you give Brittney two tests a week? Kaylie takes one on Wed and if she misses a word then she takes the test again on Friday and that grade counts.

byHisgrace said...

not bad at all, lol...I'll be the same way!!


Gina said...

Wow. Those seem like hard words. And how come everyone else's kids enjoy homeschooling except mine!