Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five Things Meme

Following Manababies and Anne, here is my Five Things Meme

Five things in my freezer:
Box of Corn Dogs
Frozen Veggies
Ice Packs for booboos (one with sharks, one with cats and one bob the builder)

Five things in my closet:
Clothes-that don't fit
Shoes - and more shoes and more shoes
Books - hubby built me great book shelves in my closet and I use them!
Purses - lots of purses, not as many as shoes but still quite a lot
Iron and spray startch

Five things in my car:
Empty water bottles
Trash from fast food places
Paper from straws (brittney and I try to blow the paper off at each other)
Wet wipes
Phone car charger

Five things in my purse:
Planner calendar
Spoon (I picked it up out of the car to bring in and it hasnt made it to the kitchen yet)
Old To do lists
receipts waiting to be deducted from the checkbook

Five things in my wallet:
Credit cards
Lots of change (Because it keeps Braden entertained at resteraunts counting coins)
Coupons for eating places
Free bowling passes that are about to expire


dakotablueeyes said...

My dad taught both my kids that stupid straw blowing thing lol now you can be sitting in a restaurant and as soon as the kids get straws we end up with them in our face lol.

kel said...

I have no one but myself to blame because I started it with Matt and then with the

dakotablueeyes said...

ever have one bounce off your eyeball lmao