Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finding more and more available

When we first thought about homeschooling it was almost out of desperation of our current situation. I didn't know much about it, we had thought about it when we lived in Pennsylvania and had we stayed there probably would have learned more and done that. That didn't happen since we moved when Brittney was a year old. I knew a lot of people in Pennsylvania in our church who homeschooled. But here, I just hadnt.

Well the more I looekd into it and researched after we made the decision to do it. I found lots of people.

Today we went to a fun activity. A Homeschool Network group had rented out the entire water park. It was posted on the homeschool group website that we belong too. I assumed there would be a lot from our group. Only two that I knew were there. The others all from other groups and there were lots of them there.

I just never knew how much was available. I was glad I went to the group today they have a renissaince fair, and lots of activities. Plus our group that we joined has lots. Also learned of another group. If I am not careful I will have us too overscheduled and that is not the point of doing things the way we have chose. So I will be careful of what activities I sign us up for, but next week we are going to look at joining Choir, because both my kids love to sing and I would love them to learn properly (not from their tone deaf mother singing to High School Musical soundtrack in the van). Also have a skate lined up for next week. It is nice to know there are so many around here that do homeschool and that there are so many things to do it really lessens the feeling of overwhleming for me. Sorta that not alone so okay I can do this thing.


BarnGoddess said...

thats great! I know nothing about home schooling. I think its pretty cool considering what Ive read about it, especially here :)

dakotablueeyes said...

tone deaf, noooo not you lol. That's great that you found out some things

Henry Cate said...

Current estimates are that about two to four percent of the children in America are homeschooled. The number is rapidly growing.

You are not alone.