Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tears streaming

Even though it was Fathers day we decided to get the yard work done. We live in a culdesac and the dogs stay in the fence (1 Chihauhua, 2 that are 1/2 Chihuahua and 1/2 minerature rat terrier). Today they got out and ran while we were mowing. Brittney came around where I was in the front yard looking for Rascal, but I told her that he would come back in a minute he always did.

Well tragedy struck, a lady in a corner lot has one of those wide spaced fences. For some reason little Rascal got in there and the big dog mauled it to death. Oh it was awful. Rascal is Brittney's dog and she love love loved him.

The lady whose home it happened at didn't come to the door, so Matt had to get a stick and go get Rascal's body out of the back yard. The big dog didn't bother him. I dont think it meant to hurt Rascal. But of course a 7 year old doesnt understand that. Our neighbor from across the street was talking to me in the yard when it happened. Her and her daughter care for our dogs when we aren't home and they were both crying. Brittney was crying and talking about Rascal in heaven with my grandfather who passed away 2 years ago. Which got me to boohooing. Matt was doing fine till Brittney started in about Epa Harlen playing with Rascal in heaven and how much she was going to miss Rascal all the while crying. So then Matt got started too.

Been a sad day here. We buried Rascal beneth the shade of a tree in our backyard and I am going to take Brittney to pick out a rose bush or something pretty to plant too.

It is so hard to see her crying and so upset. She is so soft hearted anyway and then this it was just awful, you just want to protect your kid and then this and it was just such a terrible accident. So the tears were streaming from us, the neighbors, even Boots (Rascal's brother and Braden's dog) and Pheobe (the momma dog and my dog) have been laying on each side of Brittney this evening, like they know and want to be there for her.

We had a church program as well tonight and Brittney didn't want to go sing but I talked her into it. She said she would sing to Rascal in heaven. Well during one of the songs she cut her eyes toward the ceiling, no one else knew what she was doing but I did she was singing to Rascal. The tears were flowing from me watching that.



Oh God your breaking my heart. Thats so sad to hear:0( I haven't had to experience that with my girls yet. Seems like you handled it well. It's so hard to see your child hurting, poor thing! Well I was just stopping by from my blog. Thanks for stopping by. Take care of your little one.