Saturday, June 18, 2005

A little young

Brittney spent the night with my parents last night. Mom and dad brought her home this morning. Mom asked whose last name is Chronister. I said Dillon (boy in Brittney's class that she calls her boyfriend). Mom said well she asked your dad and I what we thought about the name "Brittney Chronister".

Today was Dillon's birthday party, his mom had to reschedule it because we were out of town on his actual birthday and Dillon refused to go if Brittney wasn't there.

We get to the skating rink today and Dillon's mom tells me he has a surprise for Brittney. He bought it with his own money. Brittney got her first piece of gold jewelry form a boy today. It is a princess necklace and Dillon said it is because Brittney is his princess.

I said this is cute now but I am really dreading the teens if it is already like this when they are just 7!

I am going to save the box too and put it up in Brittney's keepsakes with a note about what was in it and who gave it to her. But I think Matt and I just got a glimpse of our future with Brittney and boys and I dont think either of us like it!



Thats pretty scary! I know teenage years are going to be hell with my two girls! Although daddy says they won't be dating until college! He's not kidding either. I'm not done having kids yet, they will probably be girls too!

kel said...

My hubby says 30 and then they can date...LOL. It was funny because that is what my dad always said to me, so when I turned 30 (after almost 9 years of marriage) I told my hubby hey now I am old enough to date!