Thursday, June 16, 2005

If one more person says...

We were in Arizona for 5 weeks with 5 hour doctors appointments with Braden, come home to a mess, then start the week with me teaching vacation bible school in the mornings and going directly to basketball camp in the afternoons, followed by Braden's speech therapy.

With the above information people can honestly assume that yes I am tired. Why do they keep having to point out how tired I look? That just makes me feel more tired and like wow I must look really bad for them to point it out.

This week it seems at least 5 people a day say "you look like you are tired"...or "you must be exhausted because you really look it".

So apparently I obviously look pretty bad this week. Yes I am tired, I am trying to catch up from being gone for 5 weeks, get my paralegal work done that has piled up and up, organize things to leave home again next Friday for another week away, teach bible school, take the kids to camp, and just general things. As if that isn't enough now I get to hear about how bad I look.

I am like yes I know I apparently look like crap and look tired, because I am, but just comment on my hair that I tried to fix even though I was tired or the 2 pounds I have lost or even better the cool shoes I bought on clearance for the best bargain price ever!


dakotablueeyes said...

lol Just tell them to spend a week in your life and see how HOT they look.


Man, your busy! I give you props for teaching bible study too. I would like to do that one day.:0)