Sunday, June 26, 2005


It's official I am in my 30's not just 30 not 29 but in my 30's. Turned 31 today. It was a great birthday.

We are in Pennsylvania for a week so for my birthday we took the kids to Hershey Amusement Park. It was so much fun. The kids and Matt gave me my presents first thing this morning and then we headed to the Park. Braden is going to be my ride partner. Brittney was all brave until we got there, not Braden the higher the better, the faster the better. It was fun.

After the park we met a fellow mom that I have been chatting with on one of the moms groups I belong too. That was fun too, and Brittney had to tell the waitress it was my birthday so I got Happy Birthday sang to me.

Back to the hotel to find my sweet thoughtful hubby had arranged for roses in the room. Wow what a surprise.

Planning on taking the kids to the zoo tommorow while Matt works!

Well since it is past 9 pm and with my age advancing I better head to bed!