Sunday, February 27, 2005

Wacky Wedding

Wacky Wedding....

Okay first let me set the scene for you. SIL (Sister in Law..adding that because my hubby says not everyone knows abbreviations) anyway she is crazy...literally nuts, 5 years ago February 5, 2000 she marries Matt's brother Eric in a small ceremony and didn't invite anyone. Well she said then that they were going to renew their vows at 5 years. Which I guess would be fine if the marriage was still fine, but they have been on the brink of divorce the last 2 years, I was also privy to too much information as SIL informed me they have only had sex 3 times in the last 2 years. So you get it that this isn't couple of the year, they have two kids, lots of bills (partially because SIL is hypochondriac and also recently diagnosed with addiction to prescription pain pills). Anyway this year is the 5 year mark and for the last year she has been planning this WEDDING, she doesn't call it a renewal of vows it is referred to as the wedding or her day. Eric who has no back bone went along with it.

Okay now the wedding day. The wedding is held in a church and 70 wedding invites have been sent out. I arrive early to help out (because I am a complete sucker and cant say no). The colors for the wedding are 3 shades of purple and bright yellow. I have pics I have to get developed because let me tell you if you cant picture it it was so clashing. She had bows tied on all the pews which were fine and pretty. She had ordered a 85 serving wedding cake and a grooms cake even though she only had 1 RSVP. She gave Brittney (my daughter) her basket for flower girl but instead of rose petals she was throwing shaved purple soap because it was prettier and smelled better than rose petals (whatever was my minds response at this time).

The brides I am not saying she should have had the white dress I mean she is married and has 2 kids with her husband but if you are going to call it a wedding and hold it in a church then lets have some taste or decorum. Well if you knew SIL you would know this is a lost cause. Her dress plum colored strapless gown that was so tight the fabric started getting runners in it before the ceremony and she had to put it on and then have the strap re-sewn on. It frankly looked tacky but apparently not tacky enough because then she had to go buy a white wedding veil and dye it purple (a totally different shade of purple than the dress) and wear it.

The groom, Eric wore a purple tshirt and a black suit jacket, same with the best man. The other groomsman was suppose to be Matt's dad but at the last minute he boycotted the festivities so they had to have a man from their church stand up.

Braden and I watched the ceremony since Brittney and Matt were both in it, we were among the total of 15 other guests that showed up. Needless to say cake was taken home by all...and pictures are being passed around with the saying "Can you believe this.....look at this...and this..."

At least the wacky wedding is now over, but that wont end the drama as after the ceremony SIL called and cussed out FIL which will make those tense (and thankfully infrequent) family gatherings even more fun.


Middle_America said...

SIL meaning "sister in law"
FIL meaning "Father in law"

Yeah, let's see what comes next.