Saturday, February 19, 2005

Time Alone

After two weeks of traveling and staying in 4 wall hotel rooms with the kids, and the medical issues we have been dealing with last night Matt and I finally got some alone time.

Much needed and much loved alone time. My parents who had missed the kids terribly while we were gone took them to spend the night last night. My mom was a little nervous with Braden's new meds but they were all excited. Matt and I were excited too. He was on call but thankfully we were not disturbed. It was one of those perfect nights of fun and love that I think every married couple should induldge in regularly.

Kids should be home soon and we will have basketball, errands and the routine weekend things....but I have some very nice moments to remember as the weekend and week gets busy.


Middle_America said...

I bet your husband feels the very same way. ; )