Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mom guess what I learned...

I picked up the kids after school and like everyday I asked what they learned.

Brittney (7 and in 1st grade)..."Mom I learned what sex is"

After I righted the car back to the road, I asked "Did Mrs. Cox teach you this?"...as my hand is on the cell phone ready to call the school if by some chance this was taught in class. But the reply was "No mom I learned it on the playground from a girl in Mrs. Bannon's class (another 1st grader".

I figured I better know as much as my daughter, so I asked "Okay Brittney what do you think sex is?"

As my 7 year old sighs like her mom is the stupidest person alive she tells me. "Mom when you get married you take off all your clothes and kiss...that's what sex is mom (drawing out the word mom so that it takes her 5 syllables to say).

Okay I am starting to breath again even though not the conversation I want for on the way home from school this definition is not near as bad as some I was coming up with in my head during the last 2 minutes. Hey I like the married part if I can just keep that ingrained in her head I would be fine...alas I am sure the definition will grow and other kids will tell much more as will I when I feel she is old enough but I guess for now I can live with this definition.

I did have the little talk that it was a big grown up word and not something to just say to anyone. That she could always always tell me any words she learns or has questions about, but that this wasn't something we could just talk to anyone about. I was already envisioning her telling the cashier at WalMart and oh my I can just imagine my mother's expression when her granddaughter informed her what sex was.

So for now just another day of trying to instill values and property in my kids, and praying that the other kids on the playground don't undo all that my husband and I try to instill.


manababies said...

Uh oh, how I fear the time when I'll have to explain the birds and the bees! Actually, I think I'm more afraid of what the other kids might say. Just recently my daughter was asking about her baby brother's 'boy parts', and I had to tell her what it was, with emphasis on THAT WORD being one that she should not say public. lol