Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Leaving Arizona tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be heading for home. We have been in Arizona since February 1st. It was a long trip and we are ready to go home.

We are driving to the grand canyon it is only 45 minutes out of our way and that way we can say we have been there. We plan on being home sometime Friday. I am so ready to cook a meal and have something that isn't microwaved or restaurant.

All in all it was a good and informative visit a little disheartening because if we would have pushed doctors 2 years ago instead of us letting them brush us off things may have been different. But as hard as it is I wont second guess myself, we did what the doctors thought was best.

Basically Braden has severe Mercury poisoning from his vaccinations some of the highest levels this doctor has ever seen.

He does not have an underlying seizure disorder basically what happened is he developed the fibromal seizures with fever because his brain was not functioning where it should have been due to the metals then when he started staring out and they thought those were seizures they put him on seizure medication which was not needed which then caused him to have seizures. Confusing I know.

Anyway this trip and doctor was wonderful.

Today was good we got to clinic at 9:00 and met with Dr. Brimhall he is so nice. He said that he wants to see Braden back in 3 to 4 months. He scheduled a phone conference in 2 weeks to check progress and he will have the results of the hair analyze by that point. If we are not seeing progress like he projects then he may push the appointment back to 6 months but if we aren't then he will push it up to 2 to 3 months. Dr. Brimhall gave me and Braden hugs and told me that I was doing good and doing what needed and that I was a good mom, sometimes nice to hear especially from someone like him. We will continue the med, supplements, suppositories, and new diet as well as exercise program.

A wonderful note of improvement....Braden always walks up or down stairs by using his right foot then putting both feet together then the right one down again he doesn't use left foot right foot pattern. Well today we were leaving the hotel for the clinic and I noticed the last 4 steps he did right foot left foot and he had never done that before so I was excited and mentioned it to Dr. Brimhall and he said it was a VERY big step because it means he is breaking those patterns. He has done it right foot left foot all the way up and down the stairs each time we have went somewhere today.

He is still not releasing the metals like they want him too but he is slowly releasing them.