Monday, February 21, 2005

Trying to get healthier

I think the universe is against me. I really do. I am trying to get my family healthier and at every turn it seems something is trying to thwart it.

Eating healthier...well one the cost of organic higher...but okay we can suck it up and save in other areas so I buy the organic food. Preparation...ugh not near the convenience of that stuff that clogs our arteries and slows brain function. So trying to prepare menus ahead of time. Looking at the ingredients a 30 minute trip to WalMart can now take over an there are all kinds of different names for ingredients such as MSG we know that is a bad ingredient but did you know if it has less than a 98.8 % concentration they can call it Natural Flavoring. I don't know about you but if I see the word natural I am thinking its a good thing....well no it isn't. As MSG slows your brain functions and this is especially critical with Braden so have to watch for the Natural Flavoring and let me tell you it is hard pressing to find something without Natural Flavoring. So at least if I can find it at the end of the ingredient list that is a little better.

Then there is the McDonalds kids want it my kids love it, other moms let their kids eat it. So okay for a treat we will once every 2 weeks...I can bend after all they are kids.

Then the exercise just when I get on a roll, I get a headache, whatever machine I am working on breaks, something much more fun comes along I would rather do. The kids I will get them riding their bikes and then it turns cold, video games are so much more fun than exercise.

So getting healthier takes a lot more than just saying okay we are getting healthier. It takes planning, and lots of coming up with ways to make it fun.

This is the goal and I am committed not just for my son who really needed to be off several of the ingredients in some foods, but for all of us. My husband and I are now both in our 30's (even though he is more into them than 3 years) and we need to be thinking about being healthy. I see kids so overweight and teased and miserable I don't want that for my kids and I think by instilling the good habits now we are ahead of the game.