Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Food Fun

Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys...gotta have more than just the main one with stuffing. Here I did a cheese ball you can but a cheese ball already made or use your favorite recipe. I added sliced almonds for feathers, pretzel sticks for feet and for feathers I cut shiska bob sticks in half and used cheese cubes, tomatoes and green olives. A ritz cracker head and red bell pepper round out the head. The cookie recipe is one of many that I found online. I used a stiped cookie, an almond candy and candy corn stuck together with choc frosting. 
The bread bowl turkey. I hollowed out the bread bowl to fit my bowl down inside, the side wings are the top I cut out of the the bowl, the head a roll, raisin eyes, bell pepper waddle. The back feathers are carrots, zuchinni squash and yellow squash. 
The cornicopia is one one of my very favorite things to make. Make a cornicopia shape with aluminum foil, spray it down with cooking spray wrap with yummy breadsticks and bake in the oven, when cool remove the foil and add veggies of your choice.
Dip oreos in orange melting choc green icing and pretzels for the top
A upside down striped cookie, reese peanut butter cups and yellow icing and pilgrim hats are gobbled down.