Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christmas Food Fun

Frosty is not just for Christmas he can add fun to any winter time breakfast. Two pancakes one slightly larger than the other, let cool slightly and sprinkle with powdered sugar, mini choc chip eyes and mouth, and mini m&m buttons and nose. And of course a bacon scarf!
Simple and fun powdered sugar donuts, I used my black icing tube and made the mouth and eyes and orange candy for the nose. 
A individual cheese pizza and a small cheese pizza, carrot nose black olive eyes, mouth and buttons, any kind of herb or spinach scarf.
This wreath is a little hard to get shaped but yummy and pretty on a table. I used crescent rolls and made my wreath shape while it was just out of the oven hot I manipulated it into a more round wreath shape. I then let it cool topped with veggie cream cheese, chopped broccoli, grape tomatoes and a bell pepper wreath bow. 


Anne P said...

why are you not a caterer. lol you would be great at it.