Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adding fun to your Halloween with food! PART 1

I adore these deviled eggs. Super creepy looking and so easy! Make your deviled eggs as you normally wood. Then take a can of black olive rinse your olives cut in half, place the half in the middle of your egg. Then cut the remaining half black olives into spider legs.
 Healthy Halloween Snack cut your bananas in half (do the bananas right before serving so they dont turn brown) mini choc chip eyes and reg choc chip inserted pointy side in and walla ghosts! My kids love those little cutie oranges. To make them more festive simply peel them and place them on a tray using a small celery stalk or green candy for the stem.
This cake looks impressive but it is really easy! Simply bake your rectangle cake and icing green. You are going to use rolos for Franks neck, half oreos topped with a hershey kiss for eyes and then just add details with your black icing.

Hot dog mummies! Wrap your hot dog with some yummy breadsticks from a can, bake in the oven till golden, let cool before adding mustard eyes.