Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Food Part 2

I think a brain is required for spooky Halloween food! This does take a little time and patience but it is easier than you think! I bought the small watermelons they come two in a pack this time of year at sams. I lightly peeled just taking the dark green off. Once I had it peeled I stared making deeper incisions I did the line down the middle first and then just creatively added maze like shapes on each side. 
Tombstone graveyard. Use your favorite dip recipe. For trees, tombstones, cats simply cut the shapes out of different tortillas and bake in the oven. Do not insert into your dip until right before serving otherwise they get soggy and you get a droopy halloween graveyard.
Mummy pizzas just great for a quick lunch or snack for the kids. I used the bagel bites and added a little more mozerella cheese with black olive eyes.
I think of these as an oldie but goodie. They have been around for ever but I still love them, pudding, oeros, milano cookies and pumpkin candies...easy breezy creepy dessert. 
I found printable labels here to dress up soda or juice a fun eye catching addition.