Saturday, March 07, 2009

Soccer has started.

Soccer season is here!
A game today and a game tomorrow.
Brae did wonderful especially when you consider it was his first game ever.
He looks so much taller than his teammates but they are all the same age.
His team won 5-2.


The Woman said...

Keith loves to play it too. We asked if he was going to and at first he said no then came back with yes I think I will lol

The Woman said...

Love Brittney's shirt too, hey question for you on my blog or I guess its something I saw that struck me as funny

stacey said...

he looks so happy to be out there!

 Cha said...

Whoo-hoo, Brae, your team won!

Weber said...

Wow! He does look tall! I'm so glad he's enjoying it.
Alex and Ethan are both playing this season and Zac will be starting in the fall. Mark is even coaching this time!