Sunday, March 15, 2009

My son the king of the drama

I can truly not express how funny my son is.

This morning we are home and hubby is at church. Brittney is my one not feeling well with allergies. Well I started lunch which was pork chops with a onion soup in the electric skillet. Braden smelled it and I told him what it was and oh boy. His big thing is "call the cops" anytime you are making him do something he says "call the cops". So it started with "Senna call the cops" that didn't work so he took my phone and called his nana, papa, aunt, and tried to call the dad of one of his friends. Yep and he told them all I was feeding him poison. He is full of it this morning energy energy and more energy he is wearing me out when he isn't playing dead on the floor or hiding in my closet calling people he is attacking me with nerf weapons. I won't complain though because it is so much better than when he is sick. But Britt had it right when she said we need to put that boy in some drama classes because he is the king of drama! He is everything is so theatrical with him but he is cute so I guess we will let him get away with it. And yes I am still making him eat the "poison" for lunch...LOL.


Another Suburban Mom said...

I will happily take a double portion of that 'poison'.

He is funny.

stacey said...

you may be onto something. one of my boys that i used to work with turned out to love drama/plays! it really worked into his imagination!