Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid free night!

Tonight my parents are being wonderful and taking not only our two kids but two of their friends as well to spend the night at the farm. Mom plans on letting them work (fun work like painting an old metal desk, and spreading mulch...or she says it is fun

So we will be kid free tonight and we are looking so forward to it. We needed a break before Brae and I leave for Austin this weekend. We are meeting our friends (parents of the two kids that are also going to Nana and Papa's) for dinner at Olive Garden. Then hubby and I will do the romantic thing we always do when we are kid free.....go shopping at Target and Books a Million. Awww to walk around the store at our own pace and look at everything. Of course we always end up shopping for them when they aren't with us but we sure enjoy it. Then home for some alone time. We know the kids will have a great time having their friends at mom and dads so they can show off the rabbits and lots of room to run and play.


 Cha said...

I'll be sure to call you later....just kidding. ;)

Have fun!

David & I used to have dates at Lowes. :)

Laurie said...

I am jealous---oh the days of "kid free" Every now and then we are teenager free, but never completly kid free---oh well! You guys have a great time and let me know if you run into any good sales!