Monday, November 21, 2005


I was tagged so here goes....

Things I am Thankful for......
10 Serious
1. My family
2. My friends and especially neighbors that we love and trust to take care of things.
3. My faith
4. My house
5. My sons doctors who know how to help him
6. My sons progress how far he has come and how wonderful he is
7. My daughter being such a thoughtful and wonderful child
8. My husband who is my rock who I would not be sane without
9. My computer because through it I learn things, and I have met people that I truly consider friends, I can vent through it and share joys through it.
10. My life and the fact that I have so many things to be thankful for that I could go on and on.

10 not so serious.......
11. A sweater and jeans to wear on Thanksgiving that hide that I havent lost the weight I wanted to.
12. That my hubby is the one that has to climb into the attic and get down 21 rubber maid boxes of Christmas.
13. That my hubby doesnt even complain about number 12.
14. That my laundry is almost done from the trip.
15. That my mom is making 6 chocolate pies for Thanksgiving...yummy
16. That hubby is off all week and I get to make long honey do lists for him!
17. That hubby gave the dogs a bath last night so they dont smell anymore.
18. That I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.
19. That the day after Thanksgiving sales will be here soon!
20. That I have a computer!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carissa said...

Sounds like you have so much to be thankful for this year! Glad to hear that your son's procedure went well...hug him and hold him tight! (And what was his prize?)

kel said...

He got a Power Ranger SPD set that he was wanting for his prize. I would have bought him the whole store the first day because I was so scared but I came to reality before we went to still got a good prize and is happy. He is doing SO good.