Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sharks and Rabbits

Well Sharks and Rabbits don't go together but I am behind on posting pics so I guess for the purpose of catching up on posting they will.

Yesterday we went to the aquarium for homeschool day as always we had fun. Love this pic of Britt looking up at the shark in the tunnel.

Outside the aquarium there is a alligator statue so of course my son had to stick his head in it.

Britt said I had to show some of the baby rabbits. The kids now have 21 baby rabbits in addition to their three adult rabbits. Thankfully they are all kept at Nana and Papa's.


BrittBritt said...

you just say that all the time. but that is because you want them here. ....... I now you so well right?

stacey said...

looks like a cool trip!

Skeeter said...

Hi! You have a great blog. I discovered the "Love Dare" here and am going to get the book. This really made my day. Thanks for posting about it.

Best wishes,