Saturday, April 04, 2009

Easter Foods

I plan on posting more fun foods. These two were the only pics I came across on this computer. So I need to do some digging and come up with my others.

First....Chick Deviled Eggs

Instead of laying the egg long ways and cutting it you will hold it upright and cut it. Then you can make it look more jagged (like the shell cracking) make your deviled egg mix as you normally would. Fill the larger side with egg mix (you may want to cut the bottom so that they will stand up well) then use a piece of chopped carrot for the beak and sliced olives for the eyes (I have used both black and green olives before) and place the other "shell" on top.

Next....Spring Bonnets

The kids love doing these. I use large sugar cookies and mini muffins lots of icing and whatever decorations I want. Put the mini muffin upside down on the cookie using a dab of icing. Then frost the entire cookie and muffin so that it looks like a bonnet. We usually use several bowls with different colors and then use fruit roll ups, sprinkles, mini m&m's etc to decorate.


Shane said...

You are so creative!

Weber said...

So cute! I wish we could have artificial food dye - it's so fun! Oh well, no complaining! I know how very lucky we are. :-)