Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cross fingers, toes, pray, happy thoughts...anything else you think of...

I am leaving town this evening, without hubby or kids. I will be back Saturday. Praying, fingers crossed everything I can think of that it is uneventful until I return.

Just in the two weeks getting ready Brae has broken his nose and had strep throat. He is on his antibiotics for strep he hasn't had a fever in several days. Seizures have been well controlled. So here is hoping everything goes smooth.

I will be with 3 friends in Oklahoma City at the homeschool conference. Yeah. Also planning on seeing a movie, and going out to dinner. I am really looking forward to the break. I love planning the next school year and seeing all the new stuff.

We don't leave till this evening so I have it arranged to just spend time with the kids until then. Brae has been a little clingier than normal knowing I would be gone. I think it will all go well and I know they will have great daddy time with way more video games than they should!


Another Suburban Mom said...

The kids will have a great time and you will too.

Have fun!