Saturday, November 17, 2007

More of Braden's view of drinking lots of water..

Braden is still having to drink the 60 plus ounces of water daily due to the treatment plan we are following. Brittney was trying to be nice and said "I wont drink any soda either Braden only water". His response "Go ahead Senna drink a Dr. Pepper no need for us to both suffer".

Bless his heart, we are cheating here and there with a little to drink that isn't water as long as he has already drank the required water for the day.

Good news is I think I can see a little difference in things, not a lot and sometimes I wonder am I imagining the subtle change or are things improving. Won't know officially for several more weeks.


Jody said...

Poor kid LOL. Glad things are looking better too. Hope it continues.

Jennifer said...

Poor Braden. I'm with him...I am *SOO* not a water drinker. I'm so glad that he seems to be doing better...we're praying for you guys!