Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catching Up

So behind on blogging as I am with everything else in life right now. Busy busy. These next two weeks are beyond crazy, it will be busier now than right before Christmas.

We had a good Thanksgiving. My aunt, uncle, counsin, his wife and baby came down from Texas. My cousin started talking to hubby about sales at Best Buy. Well both him and my husband are officially crazy now. They arrived at Best Buy at 4PM on Thanksgiving Day and spent the entire night in the parking lot. Hubby didn't even need anything for us, he did end up getting a few things, but he stood in line for my aunt, and my cousin stood in line for him a lap top. They both got what they needed and Matt did get a few great things for the kiddos. I am almost done Christmas shopping mostly just filling stuff here and there. But I think the fact that my husband spent 13 hours camping in a parking lot officially marks his insanity. I of course had my own insanity and was up at 3:00 am and at JCPennys by 4:00 am, but at least I didnt spend the night so that makes me not as crazy as hubby. I always have to go to JCPennys because Brittney has one of those free snowglobes from there for every year since she was born.

This week is choir rehersal and more choir rehersal, only a few more weeks and choir will be over. Britt has decided not to do it in the Spring, and I am actually glad. She wants to go back to art lessons and I am fine with that. I thought her teacher was a little spacey but Britt loved her and she did learn a lot in the short time she took lessons before choir.

Braden has a new shirt that he wants washed daily. He picked it out himself it is bright green with red letters that say "Dear Santa Please Take My Sister". I usually don't let him have shirts like that but he really wanted it and I can tell I am going to have to put it in the back of the closet every once in a while so it is not worn daily from now to Christmas.