Friday, November 02, 2007

American Girl Boutique & Bistro

I have been trying to load pics but can't get them to post on the blog so I will just have to link to flickr

Today we got to go to the grand opening of the American Girl Boutique & Bistro in Dallas. It was fun. Well most of us thought it was fun. Braden said "there are 6 boys here and 3 million girls". This pic sums up his thoughts on the
Regardless of him trying to strangle himself he did live through it.

Here is Brittney at lunch with her doll. Yes they seat dolls with you and give them their own menus


Heather/SHTEZQ said...

Your pics look great. so clear and colorful. what settings are you using.

kel said...

I am jsut using the normal one most of the time. I have messed with a few of the settings but not many. I also bought the extra zoom lens.

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

I can't wait to hear in person how you liked the bistro!! Those are good pictures!! Enjoy the races tomorrow!