Monday, July 05, 2010


I mean to keep up my blog I really do but it just seems to be the thing that falls thru the cracks.

I plan to start the kids back to school early on August 2. Since we stopped earlier because of vacation. So trying to get things figured out for school year. Brittney will be 7th and Braden 5th...time is going fast.

Trying to prepare for a yard sale and I want to go thru everything. Took me all day just to go thru the desk and file cabinet so I see many more days of cleaning thru things.

My new love is my Amazon Kindle it is the best! I love it so nice to just throw it in my bag and if something takes longer than I thought, etc I have a book on hand.

I have seen the Twilight Eclipse movie twice already! Also finished the new short book that came out in June. I was late starting on Twilight series but now I am so addicted! I am actually going to use Twilight for literature with Brittney this coming school year.

My goal is to update at least twice a week! Hopefully more and hopefully not just random stuff. I want to get back to posting recipes, tips, etc.