Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Making ahead breakfast

I am attempting to do once a month cooking. But with everything I do I don't do it exactly like they say:) I am easing into it.

One thing I love and I think is a life saver on busy school mornings is grabbing breakfast out of the freezer. It takes me about two hours to make a TON of breakfasts for the upcoming. I make all or some of the following and all of them freeze well.

Pancakes - I cook them up as normal put them on a cookie sheet to flash freeze about 30 minutes I take them out put a piece of wax paper between them and freeze them in a larger freezer bag. As I need them I grab them out and microwave them. This is especially helpful because I can do gluten free and non gluten free ahead of time and get both kids quick breakfasts.

Breakfast Burritos - By far my childrens favorite. I make them up and wrap them in wax paper then I put them in foil or in a large freezer bag. Just zap them in the wax paper and a quick breakfast on the go. I make variations of egg, cheese, ham, bacon and sausage.

Hashbrown Muffins - My measurements are non existent on this recipe as I just kinda add...but I basically use a small bag of shredded hashbrowns, about 6-8 scrambled eggs with about 1/2 cup milk added, sausage or other meat, 2 cups cheddar cheese and salt and pepper to taste mix all together in a bowl if it is too thick add a touch of milk then spoon into muffin cups. After they are cooked, cooled put them in freezer bags they reheat in under a minute in the microwave and kids love them.

Muffins - I just make several batches and freeze and grab out as I need.

Waffles - I have a waffle maker and I make about 20 waffles and freeze same way I do pancakes.

Sausage Patties - I will fry up sausage patties and have them ready in the freezer as well.

Omelets - They really freeze well. Same cook as you normally would, flash freeze, wrap in wax paper and freeze in large bag.

About 2 hours to make all of the above and then I have lots of easy mornings!


stacey said...

i love doing this too! gonna try hashbrown muffin recipe!!