Monday, January 19, 2009

Should be an interesting wedding...

End of the month we are headed to Texas for my cousins wedding. Braden is the groomsman. My cousin has went to great lengths to include Braden in all aspects and even throwing his bachelor party at an arcade so Braden could go.

Anyway my son has it in his head that he is not going to wear the tuxedo. This morning he said "I think I would rather stand in front of the church naked than wear a tux"...that boy. So I see bribery coming into play...LOL.

Of course it might rank up there when Brittney was a flower girl age 5 and started making gagging noises when the bride and groom kissed and saying yuck yuck yuck.

I am thinking after a gagging flower girl and a nude groomsman we may not be asked to be in anymore weddings.


The Woman said...

i think he's going to look so handsome